Thursday, 20 March 2014

Rubber Roller Improvements

As mentioned in earlier posts, we have managed to replicate the original Burleigh designs onto rubber rollers by utilising laser engraving technologies. Although initial trials gave positive results in terms of line weight and depth, the fragility of the rubber became apparent once we ran the roller on the old printing presses at Burleigh. Part of the project stipulates that we make as little adaptations as possible to the original process and so we need to find a roller which can work on these presses, with the heated element and their current inks.

Laser engraved rubber roller (& close up)
When running trials at Burleigh, a combination of the heat build up (from the element running through the core) and the pressure being applied to each side by the steel 'cone's, caused the rubber roller to split on it's edge.
After discussions with the laser engraving firm, we managed to have a metal core fabricated, to both strengthen the rubber and help to more evenly distribute and retain the heat. Key ways were added the the ends to prevent the roller slipping as it rotates.
The split roller, after trials and the new, improved roller on the metal core.

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