Thursday, 20 March 2014

Plate types


Over the course of the project, a variety of plate types have been produced and tested. Below are some examples of these. The first is the original, which was printed cleaned up, digitised and the file used in the manufacture of all of the others.

Original copper engraved flat plate (with chrome facing)

The second photo shows a number of flexo plates. These have been made in various ways - some processed in house, by hand and others outsourced to commercial plate makers. We experimented with different manufactures, polymer thicknesses, shore hardness and backings.

Flexo plates
This acrylic sample was engraved here at CFPR early on in the project, prior to us establishing a working relationship with a commercial laser engraver who has experience with rollers.

Laser engraved acrylic

This last photo shows a comparison with our 3 plate types - the original copper engraving, a flat, laser engraved polymer and the laser engraved rubber roller

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