Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Printing Demo

Here's a little step by step demonstration of me doing the printing and transferring process. I'm printing from a flat, copper plate - in this instance, an etching of Chris Orr's which will appear in later posts as Chris decided to use this image for part of his editioned jug.

1. Ink.
2. Thoroughly blending all of the dry ingredients into the linseed.
3. Spreading the ink onto the plate, into all of the etched and incised marks.
4. Using scrim to remove the ink from the plate's surface.

5. Laying the tissue onto the inked and wiped plate.
6. Running the plate and tissue through the press, under the felt blankets.
7. Lifting the printed tissue from the plate.
8. The print, alongside the plate.

9. Trimming the tissue to size.
10. Rubbing the back of the print to position the ink onto the biscuit ware.
11. Applying pressure to the back of the print by brush, ensure a good contact.
12.Washing the tissue from the newly transferred ware. The ware is now ready to be fire, hardening the coloured stain to the biscuit.

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