Thursday, 14 March 2013

A Visit to the Trasfer Room at Burleigh

Transfer tissue being printed
Cow creamers with transfers pressed into place
Cups, ready to be brushed with soap

A conveyor transports the wares to be washed, prior to firing.

After some initial tests here at the CFPR, I realised that I needed some lessons on the art of transferring. I spent a couple of days with the lovely ladies in the transfer room at Burleigh, learning lots of tricks and tips - a teacup was even sacrificed for me to practice on. Unfortunately, it didn't make it on to the conveyor belt as it failed the first quality inspection! I was praised for my efforts, not too bad for a beginner.
It was great to spend some time there- looking around the factory, getting a good look at the presses and some proper northern banter from the workers!
I've now got plenty to be getting on with and hope to have made a good amount of progress on both plates and ink before my next visit.

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